SIGHT Camp usually where students start their SIGHT journey, it is a non-credit bearing activity where you're introduced to ideas and trained to prototype solutions.



If you want a taste of Design Thinking with a side of Common Core credits, this is for you! You'll be going through the Design Thinking cycle with a topic updated every semester.


Fall & Spring

Ideas generated from SIGHT Camp have a chance at life as a 3-credit project course. As a letter-grade course, it is one that you get to decide what the exam questions are!


Summer As projects take shape, they are put to the test and deployed with our partner users. Teams will deploy overseas for 2 weeks for testing and feedback gathering.

SIGHT Scholar Scheme

Summer & Winter Taking the projects to a whole new level as students receive funding to work full-time on projects in Hong Kong or overseas.

Final Year Projects

Fall & Spring Working with other departments, students work on global health technologies ranging from gas detectors to surgical training platforms.

SIGHT Leaders

Fall & Spring

Selected students who went through SIGHT Camp and the project course stay on to mentor new students and further their projects,

Who we are

SIGHT stands for Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (中文:視野無界). Our motto: Simple Technology, BIG Difference. Innovation is designed by undergraduate students from different backgrounds working together, who aim for tangible solutions that are appropriate for poor communities. Deployment is driven by undergraduate students sharing the same goal of overcoming the social, cultural and economic barriers. SIGHT is hosted by the Office of the Dean of Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


  • To inspire and empower UG students to brainstorm and create health technology innovation for sustainable implementation in developing regions around the world
  • To engage interdisciplinary strengths of university for UG education
  • To channel student innovations to global communities
  • To develop tomorrow’s leaders who are visionary, creative, socially responsible and collaborative

SIGHT taught me that in the real world, there won't be a solution manual that tells you the answers to your problems
SIGHT Leader 2017-2018Year 4, Chemistry
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